Do you ride a Husqvarna motocross bike? Do you want to improve its reliability without affecting its performance? Of course you do! And that’s exactly what our range of carbon fibre Husqvarna TC/FC protection parts have been designed to do.

Trusted by top teams and riders from around the world, they provide must-have protection to your bike’s most vulnerable components, reducing the risk of mechanical failure and keeping you in the race. You’ve got to be in it to win it, after all.

About Our Parts

Designed and crafted at our high-tech premises in the UK, our TC/FC protection parts are constructed entirely from carbon fibre. Known for its high strength and low weight, carbon fibre is the ideal material for this application; it provides long-lasting protection, looks the part and weighs next to nothing, ensuring the performance of your bike is maintained. 

Choose Your Bike

Whether you ride a 65cc junior bike or a potent 450cc machine, we’ve got all the parts you need to protect it and make it look the absolute business. The majority of our parts ship from stock within two working days, and we ship worldwide too. Simply select your bike from the list below to begin shopping.

Choose Your Bike

Why carbon fibre?

Simple. It’s lightweight and strong in a way that few other materials are, which is why it’s used so extensively in motorsports.

Which teams and riders use your parts?

A number of top Husqvarna teams from around the world choose Pro-Carbon Racing parts, including Par Homes Husqvarna, Chambers Racing and Apico Factory Racing.

Do you import your products or make them yourselves?

All of our parts are made in-house at our own facility in the UK. We don’t believe in cutting corners, which is why we prefer to handle the entire process ourselves.

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