KTM motocross bikes are among the best in the world, consistently placing top in championships around the globe. If you ride a KTM, don’t weigh it down and blunt its performance with heavy protection parts – choose our lightweight, tough KTM motocross protection parts, made entirely from carbon fiber.

About Our Parts

We don’t import any of our parts. All of our KTM protection parts are manufactured in our factory. Pro-Carbon Racing products are among the most durable and lightweight in the industry. Manufactured entirely from carbon fiber for optimal performance on the circuit and trail, our parts are used by some of the world’s leading GP teams and have proven themselves in competition for many years.

Designed to fit your specific model with ease, our range includes  KTM clutch master cylinder protectors, KTM disc guards, KTM engine case covers and many more.

Choose Your Bike

No matter which KTM bike you ride, we produce parts for all the most popular Motocross models.

Order your protection parts online today – we ship around the world on a daily basis, with 90% of parts leaving our warehouse within two days.

Choose Your Bike

What are the advantages of carbon fiber?

It’s extremely lightweight so won’t slow your bike down, yet is very strong at the same time. This makes it ideal for dirt bike protection.

Are your parts strong enough for competition use?

Absolutely. They’re used in high-level events around the world - take a look at our social media to see which teams and riders use our parts!

Where do you ship to?

We ship around the world on a daily basis, with a growing number of customers based in the US.

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