The future is here!
The Stark VARG’s power to weight ratio is on a completely different level to traditional gas bikes. The Stark VARG feels like a traditional motocross, but is easier to ride and control.
The Stark VARG is engineered around a game-changing electric drivetrain to maximize the riding performance.

Our performance Carbon Fibre parts for the Stark VARG are the toughest and most durable available. With over 20 years experience in Carbon Fibre guards and protection for Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto bikes you really will not find anything to match our parts.

We will have many parts coming available for this bike over the coming weeks and months. Parts available now will show a product photo. Development products will be added to this page without photographs and as ‘out of stock’, but a photo and stock will be added as soon as these parts go into production.

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