With the brand values of purity, performance, adventure and extreme, KTM bikes call for only the finest protection. With the durability, sleek finish and trusted quality of carbon fibre, Pro-Carbon Racing are the go-to manufacturer for race-proven KTM protection parts.

We provide carbon fibre protection parts for KTM Motocross, KTM Enduro EXC, KTM Enduro XC, KTM Supermoto and KTM Travel. Browse our range of products below and join hundreds of customers and professional riders who put their trust in Pro-Carbon Racing.

We ship almost all parts in 2 days & deliver worldwide daily.

About Our Range

We supply superior KTM protection parts to keep your bike’s most vulnerable mechanical components safe. Our protection parts include KTM clutch master cylinder protectors, KTM disc guards, KTM engine case covers, KTM exhaust guards, KTM fork protectors, KTM frame guardsKTM front fender bracesKTM fuel tap protectors, KTM headlight protectorsKTM pitboardsKTM silencer protectors, KTM skid plates, KTM swingarm guard and KTM tank covers.

Manufactured in our own facility in the UK, our team are experts in quality control and deliver excellent craftsmanship. We spend time creating industry-leading products to ensure your KTM bike is fully protected with only the best parts in the business.

Take your off-roader to the next level and ensure it’s protected with Pro-Carbon Racing.

Why Choose Pro-Carbon Racing?

  • UK-made, high-quality parts
  • Designed to fit your bike with ease
  • All of the most popular models covered
  • Proven in competition around the world
  • Durable and lightweight
  • We ship almost all parts in two days
  • We ship worldwide every day

Choose Your Bike

What are the benefits of carbon fibre over other materials?

It’s lighter than pretty much any other material yet immensely strong and durable, too. If that wasn’t enough, carbon fibre certainly looks the part - there really is no downside. That’s why it’s so widely used in all forms of motorsport.

Where can you deliver parts to?

We ship worldwide every day so, no matter where you ride, you can rely on us to keep your bike protected.

How quickly will my order arrive?

The majority of orders are shipped within two days, so UK deliveries are typically completed within one week. Delivery times will vary more for international orders.

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